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What Are Containers?

The containers we supply were originally developed for marine use. They are manufactured to a very high specification out of high tensile steel, as such they are not only strong and very secure, but also capable of surviving in extreme conditions. These design qualities ensure our containers are ideal for use for storage.

How heavy are containers?

Empty Tare Weight

20 foot container 2.25 ton or 2200kg

40 foot container 4 ton or 3950kg

How is a container constructed?

Standard ISO freight containers are designed to withstand the rigours of marine transportation and are constructed with a high tensile steel rigid framework, with corrugated steel walls and doors. Internal floors are treated timber, 27mm thick, mounted on steel cross members. Double doors are fitted to one end, retained by 4 full height locking bars all fitted with lockable handles.

How secure are the containers?

Containers are very secure and vandal proof. As standard, there is provision for the fitment of padlocks to the door handles. For extra security we recommend a steel “Lock Box” to be fitted to the container doors. Our ‘Lock Box’ is designed to accept a high security padlock, and protect the lock from being tampered with it costs an additional $110 plus gst but is well worth it , please mention when ordering. The padlocks we supply fit into our lock boxes with ease. They are supplied with 2 keys.

Can you put a container anywhere?

Within reason we can get a container almost anywhere. All our containers have specially designed corner castings for lifting and positioning. We mainly use a tilt tray truck or delivery but can also use special ‘Hi ab’ trucks fitted with their own crane to deliver the containers. If you are not sure about your site, then simply send us a drawing with dimensions and we will check that the delivery is feasible email it to phill@containersales or Fax to 02 85804677.

What should I put underneath the container?

Containers should be placed on level ground, if not you may find it difficult to open and shut the container doors. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure the ground is adequately prepared and that you have the materials to make the container sit level. Examples of suitable materials are treated pine railways sleepers underneath the container one on each end is sufficient.

If we purchase containers, will you buy them back at a later date?

Yes, the price will be subject to the market value at the time and transport costs to collect the containers. Can containers be selected, so we know exactly what we are buying? Yes, you are welcome to come to our depot, these days a lot of people order off our internet site, you may wish to click here and print our order form. Simply give us 24- 48 hours notice in order to make the arrangements.

How and when do we pay?

Payment methods You can pay by a variety of methods including cash/company cheque/credit card (Visa/master)/debit card. Hire–First payment required is the first 4 weeks rental, padlock rental and the delivery and collection charges. These must be received prior to release of container(s). Thereafter, a standing order payment will be set up.

Do the containers have a problem with condensation?

As with any enclosed space condensation can be an issue. To combat this the majority of our containers are fitted with ventilators. However if you are using the container to store sensitive goods we recommend that you open the doors on a regular basis to enable the container to breath. This is more important during periods of extreme cold or hot weather. It is also a good idea not to lean or stack sensitive goods directly against the walls.

What maintenance do I need to carry out?

Containers are very robust and require little or no maintenance but it is a good idea to ensure the doors are kept in good working order. Therefore we recommend that you grease the door hinges and locking rods at regular intervals.

What do I need to know about refrigerated containers ?

Specs 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8’6” high

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