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Container Grade

“C” Grade

Something wrong with container

For Example

* High rust level greater than 15% internally or externally.

* Heavy impact damage.

* Broken floor.

* Door seals missing

The container may not be still wind and watertight it will be man proof the holes may have been fixed with auto body filler, solastic or a bitumen product. Doors will shut.

“B” Grade

Wind and Watertight, may have up to 10% corrosion internally or externally , possibly some minor deep rust. May have been fixed with flashtac heavy duty aluminum
bitumen tape.
“A” Grade

Good Floor– No Breakages Good Doors which easily open the full 270 Degrees, all locking bars, cams, saddles, retainers, handles and seals in place. Absolutely Wind and Watertight all holes (if there have been any) have been properly and fully repaired. No dents over 50mm deep.

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